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Mt Deletions

List of FNB Mutants (About the FNB Database)


Picture Availability: Yes All

Pool Num I. Nodulation II. Root III. Leaf IV. Stem V. Other Picture Availability CNV Confirmation Gene
NF-FN 1534 wt   yellow leaves     Yes   Yes  
NF-FN 7516 white small round nodules   green but small leaf     Yes      
NF-FN 7529 white small round nodules   yellow-green leaf     Yes      
NF-FN 7651 white small round nodules         Yes      
NF-FN 6048 white small nodules (a,b)   strong white spotting leaf (a,b) dwarf (a,b)   Yes      
NF-FN 6046 white small nodules (a)   small green leaf;twist leaf     Yes      
NF-FN 7512 white small nodules   green but small leaf     Yes      
NF-FN 5969 white small nodule (a,b)   yellow-green leaf     Yes      
NF-FN 2418 white round nodules (a)   yellow-green leaf     Yes      
NF-FN 6050 white nodules (a)   small green leaf     Yes      
NF-FN 5960 tumorous nodules and small shoot(2x)   small dark green leaves(1x), dwarf(1x)     Yes      
NF-FN 2796 tumorous nodules no root, tiny shoot, only one leaflet   small shoot   Yes      
NF-FN 5968 tumorous nodules no root, tiny shoot curled up leaf margins     Yes      
NF-FN 8844 super nodule         Yes      
NF-FN 5983 smaller pale pink nodules (a)   pale green leaf anthocyane stem   Yes      
NF-FN 5925 small white nodules (a,b)   Ia:just cotyledone and no stem development Ib:dwarf   Yes      
NF-FN 5941 small white nodules (a)   pale green small leafsmall stem     Yes      
NF-FN 5926 small white nodules (a)   pale green leaf smaller stem   Yes      
NF-FN 5951 small white nodule (a)   very small pale green leaf small stem   Yes      
NF-FN 5947 small round white nodule with green senescence region (a,b)   pale green anthocyane stem   Yes      
NF-FN 1980 small round nod         Yes      
NF-FN 21422 small plants         Yes      
NF-FN 6650 small plant early senescent         Yes      
NF-FN 6053 small pink nodule   green leaf dwarf (a)   Yes      
NF-FN 5973 small pale pink and white nodules (a,b)   pale green anthocyane stem   Yes      
NF-FN 1484 small nodules short root small leaves     Yes      
NF-FN 1464 small nodules heavy color       Yes Yes Yes  
NF-FN 1450 small nodules short root       Yes      
NF-FN 21668 small clustered pink nodules, small plant         Yes Yes Yes  
NF-FN 6383 senescent nodules                
NF-FN 6389 senescent nodules                
NF-FN 6411 senescent                
NF-FN 6409 senescent   small leaves and bushy plant            
NF-FN 6405 senescent                
NF-FN 6357 senescent     reduced stem growth          
NF-FN 1824 senescence nodules, leaf like AS1         Yes      
NF-FN 1581 senescence nodules         Yes      
NF-FN 2019 senescence nod         Yes      
NF-FN 2017 senescence nod         Yes      
NF-FN 1992 senescence nod   leaf mutant     Yes      
NF-FN 1993 senescence nod         Yes      
NF-FN 1601 senescence modules         Yes   Yes  
NF-FN 21455 Possible fix-       small plant Yes      
NF-FN 3089 poorly formed nodules fix-         Yes      
NF-FN 7506 pink smaller nodules   green but small leaf dwarf   Yes      
NF-FN 2416 pink nodule   pale greem leaf (a) dwarf (a)   Yes      
NF-FN 2429 pink nodule     dwarf (a,b)   Yes      
NF-FN 5984 pink nodule   one big leaf and the other leaf are very small smaller stem (a)   Yes      
NF-FN 7641 pink nodule   green leaf dwarf   Yes      
NF-FN 5927 pink nodule   small green dwarf (a,b)   Yes      
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