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List of FNB Mutants (About the FNB Database)


Picture Availability: Yes All

Pool Num I. Nodulation II. Root III. Leaf IV. Stem V. Other Picture Availability CNV Confirmation Gene
NF-FN 7804   wiry root (A)   very green dwarf (b)   Yes      
NF-FN 3017   very short root, small shoot(a,b), plus dwarf, degenerated leavesİ   small shoot   Yes      
NF-FN 2693   very short root, pale, dwarf small "wavy" juvenile leaf     Yes      
NF-FN 2959   very short root, dwarf   small bushy shoot   Yes      
NF-FN 3012 nod- dwarf, short root very short root       Yes      
NF-FN 2763   very short root   small shoot(a,b)   Yes      
NF-FN 2921   very short root small sturdy leaves, dwarf     Yes      
NF-FN 3251   very few lateral roots     dwarf Yes      
NF-FN 6697 Nod- (1) tiny (1)   tiny (1)   Yes      
NF-FN 21499   tap root     small plant a,b,c Yes      
NF-FN 6369 Fix-; Dk nods stunted   stunted     Yes    
NF-FN 1983 fix- strong root no leaf     Yes      
NF-FN 1786 fix- with SR SR with fix+/- no red spots     Yes      
NF-FN 10051   SR root leaf mutant     Yes      
NF-FN 2286   sr ?       Yes      
NF-FN 1909 fix+/- SR (severe) leaf mutant dwarf   Yes   Yes  
NF-FN 1906 fix- SR (severe)     early flowering Yes      
NF-FN 1907 fix- SR (severe)       Yes      
NF-FN 1908 fix- SR (severe)   dwarf   Yes   Yes  
NF-FN 10137   SR       Yes      
NF-FN 10113   SR       Yes      
NF-FN 21787   SR       Yes      
NF-FN 8076   split root(3)       Yes      
NF-FN 8239   split root(3)       Yes      
NF-FN 8055   split root (3)              
NF-FN 8053   split root       Yes      
NF-FN 8025 Nod+/Fix- (2) split root              
NF-FN 7988   split root              
NF-FN 8017 Fix- (B) sparse (A)              
NF-FN 6510   small root system (fix-)       Yes      
NF-FN 21383   small root system       Yes      
NF-FN 21391   small root system     small plants Yes      
NF-FN 9143 nod+/fix+/- small root system   branching   Yes      
NF-FN 8587 1 nod+/fix+/- small root sys       Yes      
NF-FN 7794   small root (Myc-?)              
NF-FN 8649   small root       Yes      
NF-FN 3219   small root       Yes      
NF-FN 3071   small root yellowing a,b,c     Yes      
NF-FN 3186   small root       Yes      
NF-FN 3088 fix - small root       Yes      
NF-FN 3113   small root     early flower/seed pod development Yes      
NF-FN 1502   small plants short root     Yes      
NF-FN 6282   small plant few lateral roots              
NF-FN 21417   small plant big root       Yes      
NF-FN 9272 2 nod+/fix+/- slender root system and pale green leaves       Yes      
NF-FN 859-2   slender root system              
NF-FN 23248 Fix+/- short, no laterals   1 long other 2 few branches   Yes      
NF-FN 7693   short, bulky roots(a,b)   dwarf, fix+/-?   Yes      
NF-FN 6681-2 Nod- (1); Fix- (2) short thick roots (1)         Yes    
NF-FN 6456 Nod- (2) short thick roots (1)       Yes Yes Yes  
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