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List of FNB Mutants (About the FNB Database)


Picture Availability: Yes All

Pool Num I. Nodulation II. Root III. Leaf IV. Stem V. Other Picture Availability CNV Confirmation Gene
NF-FN 8861   1 x x   Yes      
NF-FN 6423       very small fix-          
NF-FN 6391       very small fix-          
NF-FN 7804   wiry root (A)   very green dwarf (b)   Yes      
NF-FN 7838       Va_Vb dwarf not severe   Yes      
NF-FN 8262       Va Vb Vc dwarf          
NF-FN 8157 Ia elongated nodules     Va Vb dwarf   Yes      
NF-FN 8070     IVa Va branching "Iva= round leaves, short petioles and internodia" Yes      
NF-FN 7826       V stem/leaf not developed plant-dead        
NF-FN 7858       V dwarf (no picture)          
NF-FN 8243       V dwarf          
NF-FN 7963       V dwarf          
NF-FN 8067 Ia Nod-   IVa V dwarf   Yes      
NF-FN 7888       V dwarf          
NF-FN 6884   branched root (2)   twist stem   Yes      
NF-FN 1994 nod+++   fusion leaflet twist stature   Yes      
NF-FN 6697 Nod- (1) tiny (1)   tiny (1)   Yes      
NF-FN 849-2 6 nod+/fix+/-     tall plants with ig nodules          
NF-FN 6427       stunted/chlorotic (1)          
NF-FN 8405 "fix- (a, b, c, d)"     stunted with large cotyledons          
NF-FN 6176       stunted small plants          
NF-FN 2381       stunted plant   Yes      
NF-FN 7411       stunted plant   Yes      
NF-FN 2382       stunted plant   Yes      
NF-FN 7361       stunted plant   Yes      
NF-FN 6685       stunted (4)   Yes      
NF-FN 6568     pale green leaves stunted (3)   Yes      
NF-FN 6828       stunted (2)   Yes      
NF-FN 6876       stunted (2)   Yes      
NF-FN 6541 no nodules but not chlorotic   large chevron stunted (2)   Yes      
NF-FN 6694       stunted (2)   Yes      
NF-FN 6656       stunted (2)   Yes      
NF-FN 6387       stunted (1) reduced stem (3)   Yes      
NF-FN 6652       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 6823       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 6369 Fix-; Dk nods stunted   stunted     Yes    
NF-FN 6805       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 6676       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 6365       stunted          
NF-FN 6512       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 6519       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 6527       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 6843       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 7269       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 7423       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 7306       stunted   Yes      
NF-FN 6349       stunted          
NF-FN 8096       stunted          
NF-FN 6348       stunted          
NF-FN 8098 Nod+/Fix-   leaf mutant(2) stem mutant   Yes      
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