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Mt Insertions


Sequence Id Start End Target
Fasta format F9091J-LTR4-TNT-insertion-1 2196378 2196245 chr3 (blast result)
Fasta format F9091J-LTR4-TNT-insertion-2 10814123 10814449 chr6 (blast result)
Fasta format F9091J-LTR4-TNT-insertion-3 223638 223678 scaffold0007 (blast result)
Fasta format F9091J-LTR4-TNT-insertion-4 5461561 5461423 chr8 (blast result)
Fasta format F9091J-LTR4-TNT-insertion-5 27136791 27136614 chr6 (blast result)
Fasta format F9091J-LTR4-TNT-insertion-6 29305955 29305396 chr5 (blast result)
Fasta format F9091J-LTR4-TNT-insertion-7 8567013 8566410 chr4 (blast result)
Fasta format F9091J-LTR4-TNT-insertion-8 5332973 5333092 chr2 (blast result)
High Confidence Fasta file for this line
Low Confidence Fasta file for this line