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Important Notice on Discontinuation of Services at Noble

Noble Research Institute is no longer taking requests for services. Those who have current requests will receive information on how to proceed. Once a new host for these services is finalized, information will be available here on how to obtain those services.

Mt Deletions

To FNB seed requesters

Noble Research Institute, LLC, funded in part by a research grant from the National Science Foundation, has generated a significant number of Medicago truncatula FNB mutant lines. These lines are now available to the scientific community for research purposes.

To assist with line maintenance and seed propagation, the cost of each ordered line will be $100 USD plus shipping and handling.

Seeds of the mutant lines can be ordered online. Registration is required to complete the ordering procedure. You MUST sign in before place mutant orders.

Once your request form is received, we will send you a Materials Transfer Agreement (MTA) to be signed by your institution as well as an invoice for payment. As soon as we receive payment and an executed MTA, we will send you 10-12 M3 seeds for each requested line.

M3 seeds are seeds derived from self pollination of M2 mutant plants. Occasionally, M3 plants are derived from multiple M2 plants and may be segregating for mutant phenotypes.

Please note that seeds are available for most but not all FNB lines. Some lines did not produce seeds or seeds are not available in sufficient quantity to be distributed at the time of request. In the latter case, seeds will be bulked from M2 pools, which will take several months.


Every reasonable effort will be made to provide you with seeds from the lines you request; however, inadvertent errors in cataloging or handling of seeds may occur. It is advisable that you confirm mutant phenotypes before starting your research. The terms and conditions concerning the transfer and your use of the Medicago truncatula FNB mutant lines, including limitations of liability, will be governed by the MTA.